We were commissioned by Thorndown School to develop an eye-catching sculpture to celebrate the history of the area and their facility, providing a focal point of symbolic educational significance.

Together we developed a DNA strand with thorns running through it. The DNA symbolising the unending academic yearning for scientific progress, and the thorns paying homage to the local area. To create this; mild steel tube was rolled together to create a double helix shape, this was then galvanised and powder-coated to ensure the longevity of the piece.

To further ingratiate this sculpture into the very fibre of the school, we asked the eager students of Thorndown to sketch some drawings of what they would like to see – we then added a select few of those drawings to feature as panels on the bottom of the structure.

‘Thank you for the sculpture, the detail was really good’. Thank you, Thorndown – we certainly wouldn’t disagree with that!