In response to popular demand CAM are now offering package deals for their award-winning range of Street Furniture - savings can be made on orders of 5 units, 10 units or more!

The range of Street Furniture have quickly become among the most iconic products CAM offers, and their unparalleled designs make them an attractive addition to both urban and natural landscapes.

In the past clients have utilised the functionality of this range, for example Luton Town Council were able to increase the number of pedestrians in their Town Centre by using the CAM Litter Bins – to help to provide a litter-free environment – and the Penny-Farthing Cycle Stands – to encourage people to cycle into the Town Centre instead of driving.

Each product is hand-crafted in CAM’s factory in Suffolk, this care and attention ensures that each product is made perfectly to spec. CAM have such confidence in these products that they are willing to offer a lifetime guarantee on the structural integrity of the entire range.

To take advantage of these new offers get in touch today.