It seems a long time ago now that CAM first designed a gate to the entrance of renowned architect Richard Burton’s home – however thanks to his annual participation in the London’s Open House event, it’s clear to see the project has stood the test of time.

In the 1980s CAM worked both with Richard Burton and his cutting edge firm ABK, already a fan of our unique style, Richard Burton asked CAM to apply their ‘water ripple’ pattern in a novel way to form his bespoke circular gate!

By utilising this effect on both sides of the gate, CAM were able to create a design that allowed partial visibility through the gate – only from a side view. This facilitated the ‘open’ approach that Richard Burton sought. The gate incorporated an offset pivot, so that it could open and close around a tree in Richard Burton’s front garden.

Take a closer look at this project here – and see it on the BBC’s open house documentary featuring Richard Burton here.

Creative practice OP-EN has unveiled their plans to wrap the world's tallest man-made structure - The Burj Khalifa in reflective fabric. The super-lightweight, reflective and semi-transparent fabric material would be suspended over the building from its central spire.

Visitors would be able to view the installation from a distance and also up close and experience the encasement first-hand. The proposal aims to offer a fluid, urban ambience to the visual perspective of the skyline, and highlight the immenseness of the architectural scale of the Burj Khalifa.

Take a closer look at these proposals here, and tell us if you are a fan of this idea.

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